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Satisfied Customer:
It was a cold winter morning and my furnace was not working. I called for service and JC Mechanical was here within 15 minutes! There was even a follow-up visit the next day! I would recommend this company to everyone.
S. Langiewicz • Corfu NY

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Wind Energy Windmill Systems:
JC Mechanical offers sales, service, installation and repair of all major commercial and residential Wind Energy Windmill systems. JC Mechanical can also install, service and repair all other types of Wind Energy Windmill systems not listed here. Feel free to contact us for information about your type or brand.
About Wind Energy Windmill Systems:
Wind Power allows you to produce power for your home by stealing the energy stored in the wind! It is an environmentally friendly way to lower your energy bills and reduce your CO2 footprint.

The most cost-effective way to reduce your utility bills is to reduce your usage by installing more efficient lights and appliances, furnaces, and improving the insulation level of your home or business. The next step is to install Wind power.

Here’s a quick test on wind power feasibility, assuming you don’t live in a State with a subsidy program and you want to recoup your investment in 15 years or less. Given these conditions, you should consider wind power if:
• Your electricity costs more than 11 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh)
• Your area has an average wind speed of 11 miles-per-hour (mph) or more
• You have one (1) acre of property or more

If you do not fall into this category then we recommend you consider a geo-thermal heat pump or solar power as an alternative energy source.

Wind Powered Windmill

How Wind Power Works:
Wind Power works in junction with your utility power. Often you will be obtaining some power from both the wind turbine and the power company. f there is no wind, the power company supplies all the power needed. As the wind turbines begins to work, the power you draw from the power company is reduced causing your power meter to slow down. This reduces your utility bills.

If the wind turbine is putting out exactly the amount of power your home needs, the power company’s meter will stop turning. At this point you are not buying any power from the utility company. However, if the wind turbine produces more power than you need it is sold to the power company. Your utility meter will actually turn backwards and the excess energy is effectively "banked" for your use later in the year.

No changes in the household wiring are needed. It is very easy to add these systems to an existing home. We recommend a minimum property size of 1 acre. Contact us for more information.